In 2021, a new cat litter product hit the market: Fresh Step® Outstretch™.  To drive awareness, I was responsible for designing a landing page for this product, as well as designing and animating a series of promotional banner ads.

Landing Page

I designed the landing page in Figma, utilizing Fresh Step’s existing design system when it came to things like buttons and fonts.  We were asked to utilize stills from an existing sales video, so I incorporated those for the four “features” modules.

You can click and drag the prototype below to scroll through the whole page!


I designed and animated a series of banner ads for this product, too.  To create a cohesive experience, I utilized a similar color scheme and the same adorable cat photo from the landing page.  There were 40 banners in total: 5 sizes, two concepts, two CTAs, and new/non-new versions. Below is the initial master size.