“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Emma on a number of motion projects at The Clorox Company over the past 3 years. Not only is she incredibly talented, she is thoughtful, has a point of view, works great with others and always delivers. Emma makes for an incredible asset to any team.”

Susan Levine  Group Creative Director

“Emma is a highly talented animator and designer. She has consistently contributed world-class motion design to everything we have worked on together. In addition to her creative excellence, Emma has a strong understanding of process and has an unparalleled eye for detail. In summary, you would be lucky to work with her!”

Chris Kiuchi  Senior Project Manager

“I’ve had the pleasure of supporting Emma during her time as a Creative Developer at Google. Emma is very passionate about her work and an expert in her field. Not only is Emma a well seasoned Graphic Designer, but also, her attention to detail has helped our team to gain efficiencies and produce higher quality work. Emma is a great communicator and takes 100% ownership of her projects, often going above and beyond what is required. Her work has been instrumental in helping both our team as well as our clients achieve their goals.”

Malorie Gilbert  Operations Manager, Creative Services

“Emma is a great motion designer. She understands the importance of details, discipline and limits of the digital space, and how to create a well designed expression of an idea. I worked with her on many projects and she delivered great work every single time. A true pleasure to work with.”

E Slody  Creative Director

“I work with Emma on the Sales Animation team at Google. I often refer to Emma as our Technical Lead - because that's who she is to the core. Whether she's patiently explaining technical procedures or product details to a non-technical account team member, quality checking our teams output, or finding opportunities to optimize HTML5 or CSS in our custom ad builds, Emma's 'eagle eye' for detail is true.”

Mark S. Inman  Creative Developer

“Emma was a key member of our Digital Display group, part of the wider Creative Technology team at Leo Burnett. Emma is a perfect example of how in this modern age, individuals can live and work remotely while remaining integral to the team, the creative process, and the quality of the finished product. Emma was a blessing to have on a project. You knew that any project Emma was assigned to would be taken care of to the highest possible quality. Emma's work was always, without fail, of high quality, creative, prompt, and thorough. While working on projects, Emma would often provide a few options of how different creative treatments could be applied, giving the Account and Creative teams lots of options. Emma went above and beyond to ensure she was in constant communication with her team members, and not once did I ever hear that being remote was a complication. Quite the contrary, I recall several times when assigning Emma to an unfamiliar Project Manager or Creative team, of the few times that they hesitate, thinking that the remote set-up might prove a problem, the very same people would be thrilled with Emma's work and in fact request her by name for their next projects. A huge testament to Emma's work, as well as he attitude to work, and life. Emma is talented, thoughtful, resilient, and plucky in ways that always made me chuckle to myself. A great asset to any team, whether that be on-site or remote.”

Miles Green  Technical Director

“Emma is a wonderful designer and animator. We have worked closely together on several promotional campaigns where she's done a stellar job animating the OLA. She takes direction well and brings fresh ideas to the table--all while being very responsible to the specs and size allocations from the publishers. In addition Emma has animated some case study videos for my team. She has tremendous knowledge of After Effects and brings life to the storyboards. I always look forward to working with Emma!”

Erin Sonnenschein  Creative Director

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Emma at two different agencies. Being on the account side, I appreciate her attention to detail and thoughtful consideration of the client’s needs and limitations. She works quickly but not at the expense of her output and never overpromises what she can deliver. Emma is an eternal student, always looking to expand her digital capabilities to help fill agency gaps. When we transitioned from developing banners in Flash to HTML5, it was a seamless process with Emma leading the charge. She was great at educating the clients about the switch and how it would impact what they were used to. Emma was also our go-to person when it came to ensuring brand consistency across all pieces of work, including those she was not responsible for creating. Emma is a diligent and respectful team member and would be a wonderful addition to any agency!”

Christine Bussenius  Account Director

“I ask a lot of Emma, especially when the timelines are cut throat tight. But It's her level of creativity and ability to get the concept done right that just doesn't make anyone else an option. She knows her stuff and I'm always happy to have her on my projects.”

Mike Haggery  Creative Director

“I have worked with Emma for 3 years on a variety of clients including Oracle and Blackberry. Her attention to detail is spectacular in all phases of a job/project. Emma takes the initiative to read the Creative Brief and the Media Specs when doing OLA (traditional and rich media). She also offers up solutions in taking a piece up a level to go beyond a client's expectations. In working closely with her through the years I know first hand that Emma has a design eye and can help an Art Director finesse any project with animation. Her expediency also makes her a true pleasure to work with since she often beats deadlines. If you get the opportunity to work with Emma you will be in for a top-notch experience from start to finish she truly is a gem.”

Christa DeMarah-Robinson  Senior Integrated Project Manager

“Emma played a key role in helping shine a spotlight on our team. Her work was always on time and always perfect requiring very little direction or oversight. Her attention to detail was second to none. Once when building a set of Korean ads Emma pointed out what she believed to be a typo in the design files. When asked why she thought it was a typo she mentioned working on a similar set of Korean ads the year before and seemed to recall them being different. She recalled specifics of a project she’d built a year prior written in a language she didn’t even speak. Beyond her attention to detail and incredible organization, Emma knew and understood the value of exceptional service. Feedback, recommendations, solutions, questions, concerns were always clearly defined and always shared with service in mind. Emma is an exceptional employee and an equally exceptional individual.”

David Scott  Digital Display Group Director