HVR Spicy Banners

I had the opportunity to design and animate three sets of HTML5 banners for Hidden Valley® Ranch as part of an A/B testing initiative. The designs needed to be consistent with established brand guidelines, and the animation needed to be quick yet attention-grabbing, all within spec, of course.

Set A: “Spicy Foods, Cooling Ranch”

This execution was all about showcasing the refreshing and cooling properties of Hidden Valley® Ranch dressing when paired with spicy foods.

Set B: “Spicy Ranch”

For this set, we showcased three of HVR’s spicy flavor offerings: Buffalo Ranch, Secret Sauce, and Spicy Plant Powered Dairy Free Ranch Dressing, highlighting distinctive spiciness levels of each product.

Control Set

The control set deliberately excluded spiciness from the equation, instead spotlighting the timeless appeal of classic ranch dressing. Backed by sales data, we positioned HVR as “America’s favorite ranch” and paired it with a universally cherished food item: pizza. These ads acted as the baseline for our A/B testing to assess the specific impact of spiciness on consumer preferences.