Clorox Las Vegas OOH

In 2022, Clorox partnered with several brands for a big out-of-home campaign in Las Vegas.  For this project, I designed and animated numerous ads to fit a variety of different specs. These ads were displayed everywhere from the largest screens on Las Vegas Blvd to bus shelters to digital screens inside Harry Reid International Airport.

Design-wise, it was imperative to keep things simple and on-brand.  A fun part of this campaign was actually looking for stock photos and videos (and in some cases, music) to capture the right mood.

For Enterprise, I found some great stock videos – but they were each only about 6-7 seconds long.  Because this video needed to be 30 seconds, I cut together all three clips and had them repeat.  I also explored a number of options for music before settling on a mellow, “road-trip” vibe.

MGM provided a 6-minute video with footage of their many properties. I cut together some of the most eye-catching segments, then, I presented a few music options that captured the “Vegas” ambiance.

Below are some photos of the billboards running in a few of the actual locations.

Clorox MGM Billboard
Clorox Enterprise Billboard
Clorox Las Vegas Airport Ads
Clorox Las Vegas Airport Ads
Clorox Las Vegas Airport Ads
Clorox WNBA Fashion Show Mall
Clorox WNBA Ads at the Fashion Show Mall

These 10-second videos appeared in bus shelters all over Las Vegas.